Beta Feedback

edited August 2013 in General
I really like your site.  It is great for managing Alts and ensuring that they are properly adorned and mastered.  A few things I would like changed/add are:

1)  Mages and Priests should not get an X over equipment for having empty ammo slots.
2)  On the group overview page, please add a button to refresh the character and item data.  It is annoying to have to click on characters individually to update this information.
3) On my Guardian it is saying that I don't have the x2 fighter debuff but I do.


  • Thanks!

    1. I've debated this for the next update or not, but there are arrows that have procs that will apply to ranged combat hits (spell weapons).  I may remove it from the group page and show it in the upcoming optimization tab.

    2. I agree completely and it's already on the list.

    3. Census issue, we're still bugging SOE about it.  The spell is just not showing in the fighter and scout spell lists for characters.


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