Gathering character info (Test characters)

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Currently, on both the new and old Dragon's Armory and no matter what browser I'm using (IE, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera all have this issue), the site just seems to lock up when gathering character data. The screen stays on "Please wait while we gather and analyze the character and item data" for well over an hour if allowed, although the character list itself will update just fine. Clearing cache and cookies hasn't helped at all.

This issue only seems to apply to Test characters. Is Dragon's Armory not currently configured to pull full data from Test?


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    Confirmed that there are Test server characters in Census.  It could just be that the data format is different due to upcoming changes and javascript is throwing an error.  Can I get some sample names?  I'll bounce some of that I find myself against my dev code, but I'd like to see what's causing the error on your characters.

  • Oh, this is a fun one...

    The test server census export has some changes that can break things.  And some, not all, of that got pushed to live today!  In general, I'll do what I can about test characters, but they are exporting with a different census script so your mileage may vary.

  • A sample name to check would be Shidoeg.

    Thank you very much for checking into it Dedith. I greatly appreciate the effort.
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    Odd, I wonder if due to a fresh export and the recent changes the Devs made for the Thursday patch cleaned that character up, as I can bring it up in both the new and old armory pages.

    Note, due to the heavy caching this site uses, make sure to try clearing your cache as well.  You may have a bad export still cached locally.  Internet Explorer does some heavy caching and has given me headaches during testing several times.

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