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I noticed on the Character Spell page that you attempt to calculate the damage and efficiency of the spell. I have been doing this with a spreadsheet for a while now to help work out casting order for my toons. One thing I do differently however is that I try to calculate all of the damage done by a DoT and not just the first hit as I believe you are doing here. This makes the DoT's appear to be inefficient when in many cases, they are the most efficient in the game.

Just my 2 cents. Thank you for the great work you are doing here!



  • I believe you are correct in that I'm just tagging the first hit.  I'll have to add a bit of code to detect the DoTs and see what I can do to apply them. 

    However, there is a bit of controversy about DoTs and length of time for efficiency that I just did not get into as of yet.  Some argue for full length to be calculated in, while others argue for just up until recovery time.  Technically, if you're not overwriting the DoT, the correct formula would be the full length of the DoT.  However, if you are, then the efficiency goes way down.

    I'll see what anyone else thinks at the conference, but I'll likely do full duration when I get back.  Maybe add a toggle to bounce between them.  We'll see.
  • Hello, I use your site a lot and its great, but I saw this thread and was wanting to know if this and/or the ability mod caps on all the spell is accurate so I can best determine how much I actually need, thanks :)
  • It's not exact, I wish.  There are many components that are not taken into account on the spell data.  First, census is not exporting the AAs properly, so spells from AAs are completely off.  Second, no one sane has managed to parse our the effects of AAs on spells.

    Consider this more of a guideline.  However, let me give you a finer point.  The in game tooltip damage for spells is showing the (spell damage x potency x primary stat bonus) + ability mod bonus.  It can accept up to half of spell damage x potency x primary stat bonus as the ability mod bonus.  So if you had 0 ability mod and the tooltip was showing 100k damage, up to 50k ability mod would effect that spell.

    Note, if it's a blue or green spell, instead of half it's a third.
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