Location of items?

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I love the idea of shopping for upgrades for existing gear, but there are a few features I wish you had:

* Show the Zone / MoB that drops the upgrade
* Filter the upgrades by Solo / Group / Raid requirements
* Filter by Crafted / Available on Broker
* Filter by level (if you are looking up BP's for a level 50 toon, just show BP's that a 50 toon can wear.




  • I am so with you on some of this.

    1. SOE is still working on Zone/Mob drop data.  Some of it is in, but not a lot at the moment.  There was progress made recently and we should see more of this post SOE Live.  I do plan for location information.

    2. Best I can do on Solo, Group, and Raid requirements is linking them with the Zone/Mob data as to where they drop.  I'll keep this in mind as I add the location data to the interface.

    3. You are completely correct, I did not place any filters for lore vs not lore or even crafted.  I will place this on my todo list.

    4. The filter by level is automatically done in the background.  It should only be showing gear between that character's level and 10 levels below it.

    Keep in mind, there is still pending an Item Lookup interface to better lookup gear.  I just didn't get it finished before Live.


    Thanks, keep em coming!

  • Thanks for the quick feedback... I am really looking forward to using this tool. 

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