New Capability Request


- Create New Group

     - Create Group  Based Upon Server
         - Group based upon Server  / Guild
               - Group base upon Server / Guild /  Level 100

So basically, I want to be able to direct  members of my guild to use the Dragon's armory to create rosters based upon their current guild. That way they can do comparisons and full gear reports to determine how best to set up groups.


- Jak


  • kinda can do this already, but I noticed some oddities with the search feature when the site moved hosts.  I'll look into that.
  • I guess I'm looking for a more automated way of creating the groups based upon specific criteria:

    So, I would like to go to "Create Group" and have the option to auto-populate the group list with characters based upon a server, character level and maybe even class.

    If this is already somewhat possible, I would be interested in learning how.
  • Well, in any group or search result you can Select All and drag them en-mass to a group, but yes that group would need to be already existing.  When I get to that page I'll add a make-new-group-based-on-selection option
  • No matter what I do, I can only get 1 record to display in the search results.  If I do two consecutive searches, the latter results replace the previous.

    If I don't specify a character name, but do specify:  Server, Guild, Level, Class;   I do not get any results at all. 

    Perhaps this is not a functionality that is currently built in. 
  • it was broken, but you can sort get it working.  from the main from page at the top, if you're window is large enough, there is a quick search option that does work with guild names..  unfortunately, it seems to be duplicating names.. how odd.
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