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While Googling I came across this site:    It seems they are doing some interesting things with the EQ2 data.  I thought it might give you some ideas for other things you might want to do with Dragon's Armory. 


  • I did check it out when you messaged me, but which component of that site are you referring to?
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    Ok, so I guess for me, that site is doing some Guild oriented things that I can appreciate.  I do some of the stuff with Dragon's Armory too. For instance, I have a Group that holds all of my guild's lvl 100 toons. This allows me to have a quick overview which is nice.  I also like how I can then quickly do a Gear Report. 

    So, there is currently one minor thing that site does that I like and that I cannot seem to do between Dragon's Armory and EQ2U.  That is a Character comparison that also shows reforged stats and AA comparison: " (Guk)"  *This link is not clickable.. you will need to copy the entire URL between the " " and paste it.

    It seems like you are always working to improve the Dragon's Armory so I hope you find this feedback helpful. 

  • Ah, the compare.  Already working on it of sorts, but there is nothing directly available that would show this just yet.  I made JS obejcts for items and characters, and it's a simple compare function to generate the deltas between them.  I hadn't thought about showing the reforge in that comparison, but I suppose it makes sense. While there isn't much functionality yet, other than loading or swapping gear sets, you can toy with the new code snapshots at:$characterId
  • Ah, I see. I like the concept of the Planner and how the graphs allow you to visualize the effects of stat changes.  One recommendation, Have the graph window "float" so that it is visible even when looking at gear that is on the lower part of the page. There may be a Java script function for this:

  • I'm still debating that sort of floating window, esp in the current layout.  However, this layout is far from complete.  I'm not happy with some of the layout as is, and there are more areas that need to be visible.  Most of the work so far has been on the internal objects themselves.
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