don't see any loot tables

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I just got a login, and couldn't see anything - no loot tables, nothing.  So exactly how does it work where I'm supposed to see dungeons, bosses and their loot?  All I get is a blank screen.


  • Which page are you looking for the loot data?  This is the link to the raw data,  However, all item details on this site will have a loot tab if there is loot data available for that item.

    If you are going to that link, then I'll need to know more info.  Are you getting a javascript error?  Which brand and version of browser are you using?
  • I'm not getting errors - I'm not getting anything.  I unchecked the 'my submissions' and got a list of 'a dream of Ultera (this links to a toxulla prowler) so this isn't what i was looking for.  I'm looking for list of dungeons with bosses and loot for that boss.  clicking on 'a dream of wurms' brings up a dreadscale attacker and a terrorclaw subjugator. 


    This isn't what I was looking for plus I do not think I am understanding what to do but thanks for wanting to help.  I can't find any 'loot' tables at all in here so I'll quit posting now haha.  This is not working for me at all.

  • Firstly, this is only a few months in of crowdsourced loot data.  Not everything is available just yet.  It's going to be a long while before it's awesome.

    Second, that page above was meant more for users to see what they've submitted via the ACT plugin, not for browsing the loot data as you describe.  Each page/subpage defaults the My Submissions as on.  I already apply the loot data to the item search features in the site.  If an item has loot data assigned to it, there will be a loot tab as well describing zone and item information.

    Third, Feldon and Dethdlr over at EQ2U are mirroring the data and will be having a browser as you describe. It's not on the live site, but should be available publicly on the dev side,  They were already working on one with the census loot system until SOE changed their minds on having it, so I offered to let them continue it while I work on other aspects of using the data.  
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