How does this site pull character data?

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Curious how the site pulls info from SOE's servers.  I'm seeing that the activity I did ingame last night is not showing up when I refresh my character.


All on Freeport server but I think they are currently logged ingame, AFK.

They've zoned after the changes I made, so they were updated on SOE's server.  Do they need to have logged completely out  of the game?  Or is it due to the login server being down, that your site can't access any info from SOE?

Just curious, thanks.


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    This site is pulling data via SOE's Census API (  Generally, zoning 'should' update the character details, but I've always getting updates more reliably from logging out and back in.
  • Okay, thanks. 

    One problem I am having:

    On the Character page (, my characters are listed but their Gear column is incorrect.  For example...  Lorentin, my 63 Ranger, has gear issues that page says.  Ie. low level gear in Primary and Secondary.  But clicking on the character and going to the expanded character page, all is well (

    Something isn't jiving.  IE, Firefox and Chrome all relay this same information.

  • definitely odd, it should only be triggering that warning for your bow and one earring.  I'll look into it.
  • It's getting worse I think....

    Character list shows level 82 Conjuror - Tenglor with incorrect Gear checks.

    Clicking into Tenglor shows a very odd Stat breakdown.  Hovering over his 543 Intelligence, it shows 1001 from items for example.  Stamina, resists, etc are all incorrect.

    Hope you can figure out what's causing this, I love the setup and concept of the site.  Just can't use it atm.
  • I just went through the character's items manually and they total int is right around 1000.  The count of Int from items is based on the raw item data.  

    If this character is chrono'd or mentored to a lower level, then the total Int being shown will be lower because being mentored to a lower level will scale your items accordingly in game.  This scaling is not visible in Census, so we so the unscaled items. 

    What is the actual level of this character?
  • That may be something there, I think they were chrono'd last I logged off last night.   That would account for the stats being so reduced.

    Didn't think of that, sorry.

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