Dragons Armory act loot db plugin

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I am trying to find the benefit from running this act plugin
I do not see where you share the database with anyone or where to search it? or
are you just gathering this information for personal use?


  • ok well i did find http://www.dragonsarmory.com/loot/

    I find that marginally useful to look up a zone or a named
    in a zone but what about an item search? I don’t know something like heck “advanced
    adorning 11” that everone would like to know where it drops!

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    On this site, besides the link you found (which was just thrown together last minute as many folks wanted to see what they have uploaded), in any character view page on the Upgrade tab the item/adornment search feature will automatically place a Loot tab in the item display window for any item that we have loot information for.  The item display tab for currently worn items will do this as well, but this currently only refreshes the loot data when the character is refreshed so it's possible it can be a little stale.

    Feldon and Dethdlr are building a zone/npc lookup interface on EQ2U.  It's beta can be viewed at: http://dev.eq2wire.com/actloot/zone_list/

    If you need/want access to the REST api for pulling this data, then get with me via emails (Contact link on front page) to discuss expected usage.  This is crowd-sourced data and thus open to the public, but I have to be careful of resource usage on this site.
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