Login Issues

edited July 2013 in Support
If you are having problems getting the site to log you in, please delete all of the dragonsarmory.com related cookies.  I had to make a slight change to the cookie domains in order to allow a single authentication to work over all the sub-domains.  Unfortunately, this seems to tic off the CI session library a bit.


  • Also, OpenID logins are disabled from the beta.dragonsarmory.com site as google and yahoo would see a different URL and give back a different identifier causing all sorts of headaches.  If you need to use the Google or Yahoo sign-in options, you can sign in the old armory page and the authentication carries to all parts of the site.

    When I get some time at night this week I'll see if I can point the beta sign-in links to point to the old armory sign-in pages with a redirect back to where you came from.

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