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Hi Dedith,
I am trying to import toon data from Dragon's Armory into Excel.  I've been working on some tools to help with optimizing what I have with my toon, but need a source to pull current stat data from.  I have tried to open a new sheet and in the Data section I use "Get Data from Web" and plug in the web address for my character profile in DA.  I select the upper "table" data, and I get all the stat "headers" like Agi, Crit, Crit Bonus, etc... but none of the values... is there a better way I could import this data?


  • ok, the simplest thing is to just tell me the stats you want (everything I display?) and I can easily make an 'Export to Excel' button.  And how do you want them laid out?  Up and down, or left and right?
  • I think in two vertical columns with A being the stat name, and B column would be the Value, I think it would be easiest to just have all the stats from the char window, since they are there, and we never know when it sounds like we're going to need lots of data for the changes coming in malice for resists and such..

    Thank you for the great work on the site! If this works, I might be able to send you the file I'm working on, its the basis for a cast order / swing timing planner for people who are struggling with auto-attack timing (despite the auto attack bar and the act "ding" trigger), also, to help with setting up cast order/grouping of abilities cast and reuse time, and sorting by potential damage... it took my dps up about 200k when i started using it..
  • Oh.. Also, If you have Weapon Speed for Primary/Secondary/Ranged , that would be also helpful, so the sheet is fully automated (using a "enter if you are using 2, 4, 6 second weapons, and assume 125 haste bringing TBS (Time between swings to 1.2, 2.4, or 3.6 respectively) but I don't consider range currently in my timer, but should for rangers. Thanks!
  • I have access to the raw weapon speeds (in census item data) and the modified values (in census character data), which is preferred?
  • What format is preferable here: CSV, XLS, or XLSX?

    Would it be desired to pull this for a whole group at a time on the characters page?

    And while I am willing to place the casting order calculations you made in, I have been trying to avoid 'telling' players how to play vs explaining what is potentially bad.  So, I will want to be careful how something like that is added.  Suggestions are welcome though!
  • Okay, I guess it would make sense to pull the character speed... since its what the character is going to experience.  

    As for format, I'm using Excel 2013, but I know a lot of people out there have prior to 2012, I would think XLS.

    Can you expand on what you mean for a whole group at a time? or do you mean the different sections of the stat list (defense, attack, primary, weapon, etc)  multiple characters at once?

    Agreed!  makes perfect sense... don't want to "spoon feed" people.  Right now the template just helps with Auto-attack timing, but this calculator could be a casting order "assistant" that people could play around with...  you'll see what I mean when I send it to you, but there is no way to attach it here in the discussion thread that I can see?
  • I'll be at work the rest of the day, so I likely won't be able to respond again until later tonight.. just wanted to let you know.. thanks again!
    • I'll put in both the actual weapon damage (+dps mod and weapon bonus) and delay (haste adjusted), plus the base values.
    • How about options for all three?  It's just a config change on the exporting object.  I'll have to get one I haven't used before to get XLSX support, but I have samples I can work from.
    • I meant multiple characters at once, as in an export option for each grouping of characters on your characters page ( if you're logged in) or similar places on EQ2U (if Feldon wants it that way)
    • Can just email me it, I'll bounce you an email so you have my address directly.
  • I think it would be great for all three because I don't know what the output is going to look like, so I'll be interested in seeing how the different output formats work.  I think most users would like to be able to export all their characters in a group, just give the option to do one alone if that is okay too.  I'll look forward to your email! 
  • Did this ever happen?  Would love this ability but not seeing any download or export buttons on the site.
  • There is some code for this, but it's been a while and it was in the older code base.  I'll look up the links tonight and reply with more details.  I know I hadn't placed a link on the web page for it.
  • There was a missing library I had to re-add back in, but here's the basics:


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