Confirmed Vs Reverse Engineered Forumlas

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I'll be honest, there is only one formula confirmed by SOE at this point, and that's the primary stat to damage bonus. (See the formula post for details.)  In most cases all we have many data points and their bonus values at those points.  If I was a math wiz, I could probably figure out a formula to match the data points.  Sadly, I'm not, but I do know enough to get a close proximity.  Essentially, I'm using the data points to play connect the dots, per se. If anyone *IS* a math wiz (or a bored SOE dev who's feeling generous of their time..), I'd love some help in those regards.

This means, say that I know at value A the bonus we get is X and the value at B (which is A+100) equals a bonus of X+10, but at value C (A+200) the bonus is X+15.  I can use those points and bonus values to equate a straight line equation and determine that between A and B, 10 points = 1 bonus, and between B and C it's 20 points per 1 bonus. 

By all means, this is not correct, but we get fairly close.  Below is a simple graph showing the basic difference, where the green line is the actual formula and the red lines are my estimations using this method.


Again, if someone can help with the formulas, please start up a threat here to discuss the finer details.  I would love to get this data more correct.

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