char info not updating

edited July 2014 in Support
2 of my chars' info is not updating.  it is showing their older levels and gear.  they are both now 95th (Naitohikage and Levinia).  i have other chars at 95th and they are showing as their correct level.


  • That's odd.  I'm looking at both characters from my end and I'm seeing them both at 95.  It should be pulling the cached data from the same url I am using right now.  If they are still showing up as lower level, then there may be a caching issue with the browser you are using.  I have it set for fairly small (few minutes I believe) cache expiration period.
  • that is weird.  not that you have looked at them they are showing correctly and another char that i was having trouble to get to load is now working and loading correctly too.

    thanks.  ^_^
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