SK skills

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    I need some help plz  ...

    I'm looking for the SK spells that will skill up my  Focus, Ministration, Subjugation, Ordination and Focus using the training dummy.

    Thank you!


  • Nothing you use on a training dummy will raise focus, ministration, or ordination.  

    Focus - This can be raised when you are being hit while casting a spell.  Unfortunately, being power leveled or over geared and instantly slaughtering mobs kinda means you don't get hit that often while casting.  Try finding some mob you can live through them beating on you for a while and keep trying to cast long casting time spells that don't instantly kill it

    Ministration - This can be raise by casting a healing spell, but I don't think the leech type effects on SKs count.  You can likely ignore this skill.

    Ordination - This can be raised by casting buffs.

    Subjugation - This can be raised by casting spells/skills tied to the subjugation skill, which I'm not sure SKs have either..  maybe debuffs?  You should be able to cast these against a training dummy. 
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