Current Bugs - updated 2013/07/30

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Items not going to make it prior to Live:
  • Several stats are missing or just incorrect: lethality, base avoidance, deflection, %'s for resists/mitigation/avoidance, etc.  This requires data not yet in Census, I've already requested this.
  • ToFS debuffs are not detected on characters that have earned them.  This is a bug in Census where in they are not being exported properly (read: at all) for some sub-classes.  We've already informed SOE and they are working on it while they can.
  • Item search section missing, needs to be re-written.  I just ran out of time prior to Live, it's still on my todo list
  • Add AA temple support (switching back and forth, and downloading into a usable format for the EQ2 client.)  The data is not in Census yet, it'll likely get into census as I'm about to hop on the flight to Vegas..
  • Weapon damage calculations are not taking into effect the changes of the weapon itself to the combat stats, they are only looking at your current combat stats.
  • get a cheaper vendor for the store.. /sigh


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    The collection of fixed bugs..


    • adorn icons in item displays are wonky in IE when empty
    • colors on AA tabs are off, not matching rest of site
    • upgrades with weapon calcs are NaN


    • update sign-in and profile pages to the new design


    • fixed the cross sub-domain session so one only has to login once
    • fix pricing in store
    • change drag-all to just nab all selected characters when you move on instead of using a drag-all handle
    • clean up sub-menu in characters page
    • add front page character search and who's online
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