Fanatic's Retribution for the Inquisitor

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I have a question about this spell..

What all does it do?

From what I've experienced, anyone the Inq. casts it on is invincible for 30 secs, or 5 hits, and can be recasted every 3 secs...

Is this broken, or it is how this actually works.


  • I just logged in my inqy to look at it (haven't play that toon in a bit..)  I read it as:

    Fanatic's Protection is the base spell. This improves healing to the target by 10% and each time the target takes damage the increment is reduced.  It says in text that it starts with 5 increments, but the spell details say 12, so I'd go with the later.

    Fanatic's Retribution is an upgrade to Fanatic's Protection.  When Fanatic's Protection is on a target, it will reflect any damage under 75% of the target's max health back to the attacker, increasing it by up to 120%.  The wording for this in the Prestige window mentioned 5 increments and this using up one as damage is taken, but the spell examine window does not.  I believe it's referring to the normal on-damage-taken-remove-one-increment that is part of Fanatic's Protection.

    Fanatic's Rejection is another upgrade to Fanatic's Protection.  When Fanatic's Protection is on a target, there is an up to 60% chance when the target's health is at or below to 50% to apply a 1 second stoneskin preventing all damage.

    That's my take on it, I can post the examine window with the details if you want.
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