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why is it so long to have info? i ask for status for my character it's been an hour and nothing yet :(


  • I'm not clear on what you are referring to.  The only character you have added to your profile is opening just fine within the character view.  If this is not loading, can you define which browser you're attempting to use to view this?  The site supports IE9+, FF, or Chrome.  IE8 should work, but it's not pretty.
  • i'm talking about when a i ask to see my whole character (status so on so forth) it won't show. the grey bar that tell's me to wait while we verify character nothing happens. i did it the other day i saw my character all equipment like in the game when i click character everything appears. ppl tell me to come here to see if my character is in the right staus compared to other monks.
  • Ok, depending upon your connection speed and the behavior of the Census server, that bar really shouldn't be visible for too long, a minute or two at tops.  When it stays like that, there is likely a script error. 

    I have just tested your character page on the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers and it's working as intended.  Which browser are you trying to view this on and what version is it?

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