Character won't load

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My main, Arastir @ Permafrost won't load.  I think the problem are these forearms.

They show up as a missing item on EQ2U, which is why I believe they're the problem.


  • You are correct, it was an issue with that item.  The missing items issue comes through each expansion.  Thought I caught most of the issues last time but it looks like there we're still some floating around.  Hopefully, I got them all now.
  • I'm having the same issue with my character Kaaria from Crushbone.
  • Cyan adorn slot issues, give me a bit to finish up some work related stuff and I'll fix this by the end of the evening.  I've been meaning to add support for them, but this is the first error I've heard of it.
  • ahh makes sense. 

    no worries then. i use the website a lot figure out what adorns i need to get and what to reforge. i'll wait until this gets fixed, thanks a lot!
  • Character is loading now, even showing Cyan adons..  icon is still missing on the item though, but that's a Census thing.
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